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Delcam FeatureCam 2014 R3 €30 buy download


Delcam, one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced CAD/CAM software product, has released new version Delcam FeatureCam 2014 R3, easy-to-use CAM software for milling machines, turning and turn/mill centres, and wire EDMs.

Delcam FeatureCAM combines cutting edge technology with ease of use. With its first release in 1995, FeatureCAM introduced revolutionary feature-based technology. Since then, FeatureCAM has continued to provide powerful CAD/CAM options to streamline programming – including automatic feature recognition, knowledge-based machining and several importing and customization options.

With FeatureCAM, users simply draw or import a part, identify part components as features, click simulation, and NC code are generated. Knowledge-based technology increases productivity by automatically selecting tools, calculating feeds and speeds, and determining roughing and finishing operations. Users can easily change any of the suggested parameters.

FeatureCAM offers a broad range of importing options, including native Autodesk Inventor files. Users also receive several benefits at no additional cost – such as an extensive library of post processors, the ability to create custom posts and edit existing ones, feed rate optimization, and an integrated 3D simulation package.

What's fixed in version
A-034833 B FIXED D Install: DFS_XP and do not load properly.
A-034671 B FIXED FC VERICUT: Stock isn't attached properly to subspindle.
A-034190 B FIXED FC VERICUT: Add driven point for turning tools.
A-034835 B FIXED FC VERICUT: Checkbox in the datagrid in Fixture Export Options dialog isn't always visible.
A-035032 B FIXED FC VERICUT: FeatureCAM to VERICUT doesn't preserve model colors set in template.
A-035031 B FIXED FC VERICUT: FeatureCAM to VERICUT interface always appears on top, even after switching to a different program. This makes it difficult to use other software.
A-034224 F FIXED FC VERICUT: Need to create export log file.
A-035011 B FIXED FC 2-axis drilling: Improper data values for thread mill holes when selecting metric standard threads
A-034945 B FIXED FC User Interface: Layers list in Part View isn't updated after new layer adding or deleting
A-035013 B FIXED FC GPF after add layer, delete layer
A-035009 B FIXED Part Library: User Interface: No difference in text between existing option and new option to paste from part library
A-034985 F FIXED FC API: Need to be able to specify units in SaveHolderGeomAsSTL function.
A-034065 F FIXED FC Addin: Update library macros and API documentation to make use of new toolbar functions
A-034352 B FIXED FC API Help: Documentation for "RegisterUserAttribute" and "UserAttributeChanged" needs to be in the reference section, not in the UDA section.
A-023393 F FIXED FC API: Ability to access the Engraving text input field with the API
A-033728 B FIXED FC GPF: AFR: Fatal Error when attempting to recognize features in specific document
A-034473 B FIXED FC IFR: FC fails to recognize holes -- regression from v20.0.1.40.
A-034741 B FIXED FC Translation: Need more space into Setup тАУ Right Angled Head dialog.
A-034851 B FIXED FC User interface: About FeatureCAM dialog still says v19.
A-034448 T FIXED Addin: Need to recompile addins after major tlb version update
A-034721 F FIXED FC API: Create SetAttribute2 method to replace SetAttribute for operations
A-034555 B FIXED FC API: Clicking 'OK' on any feature properties dialog tab other than dimensions does not call OnUserFeatureVerify
A-034762 B FIXED FC Addin: Tombstone: Getting permissions error when using the addin тАЬSetupInfoNCCode.dllтАЭ while in a Tombstone.
A-034633 B FIXED 3-axis milling: Z level rough options do not update the toolpath
A-034707 B FIXED D,FC 3-axis milling: Tool keeps retracting to intial z level roughing pass.
A-034780 B FIXED D user interface: editing imported hole parameter crash DFS/FCDB
A-034804 F FIXED D IFR: hole: IFR should be able to group similar indexing holes together.
A-034806 B FIXED FC User interface: Right mouse button menu of Side milling operation in Op.List window includes unnecessary item Tool Axis in Turn/Mill and 5 axis milling.
A-034820 B FIXED D,FC Build: the labeling script stopped working after the dev208 merge
A-034761 B FIXED FC API: Layers: when setting the visibility of a layer from the API, the part view display doesn't refresh until you touch it
A-034808 B FIXED User Interface: The bitmap for machine design file, machine design (menu) -> Specify part handling movement got tromped on.
A-034802 B FIXED D simulation: play to next tool doesn't work for this 5-axis part.
A-034795 B FIXED FC User interface: Unable to reorder the operations in the operation list if characters(+) are present in a feature name.
A-034800 B FIXED D user interface: Find feature page should use preview color for feature preview. it is using highlight color instead.
A-022971 F FIXED FC 3-axis milling: z-level rough: Request the ability to specify a Plunge to Pre drill location.
A-034805 B FIXED 3-axis milling: z rough: pre-drill: Can't turn off pre-drill
A-034763 B FIXED 3-axis milling: Z rough: pre-drill: Pre-drill locations are not recomputed when settings change.
A-033978 B FIXED FC User interface: layers: show/hide layer by mouse clicking to checkmark doesn't work in 32-bit FeatureCAM.
A-033111 B FIXED API: UDF with posted text doesn't go through tool change; slight variation crashes FC in some cases.
A-034799 B FIXED D,FC turn: unable to create or edit a turned hole. "unsupported operation" error message.
A-034353 F FIXED FC import: open DWG: remove it
A-034738 T FIXED D,FC Build: Need to validate RC and fm files before committing to svn.
A-034793 F FIXED D,FC Build: speed up dependencies generation in A1
....................and more

About Delcam plc

Delcam is a world-leading developer and supplier of advanced CADCAM software, with more than 35,000 customers in over 80 countries. These clients vary from global names like Nike, Boeing and Mattel to small start-ups and individual craftsmen. Founded 30 years ago, we are the largest developer of product development software in the UK, with subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia. Our global success has been recognised with many awards, including three Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in the last six years.

Name: Delcam FeatureCam
Version: 2013 R3 Build
Home: www.featurecam.com
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows Vista / Seven

Download File Size:907.56 MB

Delcam FeatureCam 2014 R3
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