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C# Complete CHM eBook €10 buy download

C# Complete by Rozi Harris
Sybex | February 11 2003 | ISBN: 0782142036 | Pages: 944 | CHM | 5.05 MB

C# Complete is a one-of-a-kind book--valuable both for its broad content and its low price. Whether you're brand-new to C# programming, are migrating from Visual Basic or Visual C++ to C#, or have already developed some expertise in C#, you'll get the skills you need to become proficient with Microsoft's powerful new language designed for the .NET platform. Creating complex applications in the .NET Framework is made easier with C#--Microsoft's first true object-oriented programming language. In C# Complete, you'll get a clear picture of everything you need to know for developing applications using C#. You'll begin by learning the essential elements of the language and of Visual Studio .NET, in which you'll develop and run programs in a comprehensive integrated development environment. You'll see how to create functional and exciting user interfaces and desktop applications written with C#, and how to incorporate threads to their best advantage. You'll explore the use of ADO.NET classes in development of C# database applications. Chapters on ASP.NET Web Services will walk you through the building of an XML web services application. You'll also visit some advanced topics, including designing with security in mind, overcoming the shortcomings of the .NET Framework, and working with the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit.

C# Complete introduces you to the work of some of Sybex's finest authors, so you'll know where to go to learn even more about C# and the .NET Framework.
Visual C# .NET Essentials
Introduction to Visual C# and the .NET Framework
Zen and Now: The C# Language
Object Oriented Programming
Derived Classes
Arrays, Indexers, and Collections
Reflecting on Classes
C# Application Developmemt
Building a Better Windows User Interface
Building Desktop Applications
Working with Threads
Database Development with C#
Overview of the ADO.NET Classes
ADO.NET Application Development
Using DataSet Objects to Store Data
Using DataSet Objects to Modify Data
ASP.NET and Web Services
Introduction to C# Web Applications
Using XML in Web Applications
Web Services
Building Your Own Web Controls
Advanced C# Development
Overcoming Holes in the .NET Framework
Overcoming Security Issues
Getting Started with Mobile Internet Toolkit

Download File Size:5.04 MB

C# Complete CHM eBook
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