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Digital Tutors Modeling a Detailed Electric Guitar in Maya €25 buy download

Digital Tutors
Paul Conner

In this Maya tutorial, we’ll focus on advanced techniques for successfully modeling polygon forms.
We'll concentrate on controlling surfaces and edge flow in polygon models. We’ll also break down the forms into basic shapes, utilizing the tools that are available, thought processes of modeling the shapes and modeling for the production pipeline. You’ll learn techniques for getting predictable results, modeling for smoothing at render time and where it all fits into the polygon modeling pipeline.

1 Introduction and project overview
2 Customizing the Maya interface
3 Setting up a custom shelf
4 Establishing image planes
5 Discussing reference material
6 Modeling the guitar body sides
7 Creating the guitar tummy cut
8 Cutting out the forearm contour
9 Forming the neck pocket
10 Modeling edge bevels
11 Continuing edge bevels
12 Beveling the neck
13 Cleaning up geometry
14 Applying a final bevel pass
15 Splitting the guitar body
16 Continuing to split the guitar body
17 Cutting in holes
18 Cleaning up the geometry
19 Finishing the cutouts
20 Blocking in primary neck forms
21 Blocking in primary headstock forms
22 Continuing to block in primary forms
23 Finishing the neck
24 Blending the neck and the headstock
25 Modeling the neck bevels
26 Blocking in the nut
27 Beveling the nut
28 Modeling the frets
29 Blocking in the tuning pegs
30 Beveling the tuning pegs
31 Finishing the tuner nut
32 Exploring blocking tuners
33 Building the tuners
34 Continuing to build the tuners
35 Finishing the tuners
36 Building the tuner screw
37 Modeling the tuner lock
38 Finish building the tuner lock
39 Setting up the bridge plate
40 Blocking in the bridge plate
41 Continue blocking in the bridge plate
42 Adjusting the bridge plate
43 Finishing the bridge plate
44 Beginning to build the saddles
45 Continuing to build saddles
46 Adjusting the saddles
47 Continuing to adjust the saddles
48 Finishing the saddles
49 Modeling the bridge washers
50 Finishing the bridge bolts
51 Blocking in the saddle screws
52 Continue modeling the saddle screws
53 Finishing the saddle screws
54 Modeling the bridge screws
55 Finishing the bridge screws
56 Assembling our scene file
57 Continue to assemble our scene file
58 Assembling the bridge
59 Modeling the bridge springs
60 Blocking in pickups
61 Finishing the pickups
62 Modeling the pickguard
63 Continue modeling the pickguard
64 Blocking in the pickguard
65 Continue to block in the pickguard
66 Modeling the pickguard again
67 Creating the larger edge bevel
68 Modeling the screw holes
69 Finishing the screw holes
70 Modeling the smaller bevel
71 Finishing the pickguard
72 Modeling the pickup selector
73 Blocking in the knobs
74 Continue modeling the knobs
75 Adjusting the knobs
76 Finishing the guitar knobs
77 Modeling the plug
78 Modeling the guitar plug
79 Continue to model the plug
80 Finishing the plug
81 Checking placement
82 Modeling the tremolo block
83 Finishing the tremolo block
84 Modeling the tremolo cover
85 Finishing the tremolo cover
86 Creating the neck plate
87 Finishing the neck plate
88 Building the strap bolts
89 Modeling the strings
90 Continue modeling the strings
91 Finish modeling the strings
92 File cleanup and closing

Download File Size:7.92 GB

Digital Tutors Modeling a Detailed Electric Guitar in Maya
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