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DVD Catalyst 3.76.4 €5 buy download

DVD Catalyst 3 converts movies quickly and easily into a format
that can be played on a portable device (Apple iPod, Apple
iPhone, Sony PSP, Creative Zen, Smartphone, PocketPC and more) It
offers a multitude of different video types it can create,
allowing it to even create video files for non-listed or
brand-new devices.

DVD Catalyst 3 incorporates an extensive feature list, with many
unique, handy and industry-first options to make your conversions
as easy as possible, while providing you with the best possible

DVD Catalyst 3 uses the award-winning open source
mplayer/mencoder projects for detection and conversion, which
allows DVD Catalyst to convert just about anything to any format
without the need of having codec's installed on your computer.


* Unique 1-click interface. Using a wizard-like program for your
conversions is helpful in the beginning, but for users who have
the perfect system setup, having to click through each step,
and every screen for every DVD or video file you want to
convert becomes tiresome and slows you down. DVD Catalyst 3 is
uniquely designed to convert movies with as little clicks as
possible - and even 1 click and no click modes are available!

* Converts all DVDs and all common video files to a format that
can be played on virtually any portable device, including new
codec standards and releases as well as DIVX, XVID, AVI, MPEG,

* Does not need any additional software for accessing protected

* Unrestricted 7-day trial. No 5 minute test conversions, no
files that need to be recreated after you purchase the program.
After the trial expires, just install the purchased version and
continue where you left off - including retaining your
personalised settings!

* Converts to all common video file formats, including AVC, H264,

* Includes an ever expanding list of conversion profiles for all
the popular devices on the market, including Pocket PC,
Smartphone, XBOX 360, Playstation3, PSP, iPod Nano, iPod
Classic, iPod Touch, iPhone, AppleTV, Archos, Zen. If your
device is not listed, you can try using a profile from a
similar device, or modify the settings according to its
specifications. If you need help, just email us the
specifications of your device, and we'll do what we can to make
it work. There is no need to purchase the same program for
other devices.

* Complete freedom on quality settings and target size. You can
adjust the settings for the best possible quality, small file
size or anything in-between.

* Multi-Device queue. DVD Catalyst 3 is the ONLY application on
the market that allows you to queue up as many devices as you
want for conversions. If you have a variety of devices and you
want to watch movies on all of them, DVD Catalyst is your best
choice. Queue up your iPhone, the Wife/Daughters Nano and your
son's PSP in DVD Catalyst 3, pop in a DVD and click 'Go'.

* Automatic batching. Multiple DVD drives, video files, video
folders are all automatically queued up for conversion. You can
even have DVD Catalyst 3 monitor your Video Recording folders
(from MediaCenter, TiVo desktop etc) to check for new files
whenever they are available.

* Automatic (0 Click) conversion. You can have DVD Catalyst
automatically start a conversion when a DVD is inserted; a new
video file is added to your folders. All of the options in DVD
Catalyst 3 can be set for automatic mode, including cropping
and language/subtitle selections. You can have it run
automatically when your computer starts up, so you never have
to see the program again. Install it on a Home Theatre PC
(HTPC) and when it's done with a DVD, it will be ejected
without ever having to click a button.

* Automatic black bar (letterbox) removal. For all conversions,
DVD Catalyst 3 can remove black bars. It doesn't matter what
kind of screen your device has, movies will always look full

* 80+ page PDF manual. While you do not need to read the manual
to be able to use DVD Catalyst 3, all of its features are
explained in detail. It includes documentation on various
aspects of getting video content on a portable device, as well
as example scenarios on how to set it up for certain tasks.

* Support. All DVD Catalyst users who had questions for us are
impressed by the way we provide support. We always answer
within a day, and mostly even within a few hours. We do not
pile up support requests, and we actually do what we can to
help. On www.dvdcatalystgt.com we provide a support forum as
well as email support for assisting our users with whatever
issue they might have.


DVD Catalyst 3 runs on all versions of Windows 2000, Windows XP
and Windows Vista.

As for specific hardware requirements; DVD Catalyst will take
anything that is able to run one of the supported base operating
systems. Of course the faster the processor and the faster the
DVD drive/Hard drive, the faster the conversions.

Multi-core (Dual, Quad) and multi-processor are also supported
and used optimally for almost all conversion operations (all
iPod-related, AVC and H264 formats). For conversion to other
video formats multi-core helps.

Whats New in v3.76.4?:


* Quality improvement Some codecs were optimized for speed, which
made a huge impact on the resulting quality. (DIVX, MPEG) These
have been modified to produce a better quality.
* Drag & Drop support for Windows Vista. Just like in the other
Windows-versions, you can now just drag files and folders onto
the application and DVD Catalyst 3 will sort out what it can
* Multi-selection when adding files. When you add files using the
.Add file. button, you can now select more than one file at a
time. Hold down the .CTRL. key on your keyboard while clicking
on files to select them. Hold down the .Shift. key to select a
range of files.
* 2Pass XVID(as well as some other 2-pass options) 2Pass
conversions had some issues with unpredictable filesize. This
should now be more accurate.


* Samsung Eternity device profile
* Blackberry profiles for the Bold and Storm.
* HTC profiles for the Cruise and Diamond (and others)
* Deinterlace option in Global Settings (enabled by default)

For More Information On DVD Catalyst 3 Visit:

Download File Size:1.48 MB

DVD Catalyst 3.76.4
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