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4Front Truepianos VSTi AU RTAS 1.4.0 MAC OSX UB €25 buy download

TruePianos is based on a combination of physical modeling, synthesis and
sampler techniques.

Using a combination of the best of what these individual technologies
have to offer, TruePianos provides great playability by allowing itself to
be easily adjusted to the combination of your unique playing style and
the specific characteristics of your MIDI keyboard, instead of the other way

It doesn't attempt to meticulously simulate existing pianos but instead
provides realistic and expressive range of piano modules, each with
individual dry sounding presets that you 'just play'.

TruePianos does not rely on disk streaming, has a low memory footprint and
optimized CPU usage making it ideal for live performances, even on 1 Ghz
CPUs while features like sympathetic resonance are active.

For the more serious pianists an enhanced polyphony mode is available as
well as multi-CPU support to makesurethat evenwithextreme
polyphony, Truepianos will not choke on most computers sold over the past 2-3

Key features:

Extremely playable.
Intuitive no-nonsense user interface.
Low CPU usage and Multi-CPU support.
Small memory and disk footprint.
Piano modules with multiple presets.
Dry unprocessed sound.
Sympathetic Resonance, Repedalling etc. are supported.
Built-in Reverb and CC commands.


Download File Size:169.32 MB

4Front Truepianos VSTi AU RTAS 1.4.0 MAC OSX UB
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