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Vero Edgecam 2018 R1 SU5 x64 €45 buy download


Vero Software, a world leader in CAD CAM software with a proven track record of reliable product delivery, has released an update (SU5) to Edgecam 2018 R1. This release includes updates of relevance to manufacturers, new capabilities and/or bug fixes that improve the base release.

Edgecam 2018 R1 Maintenance List SU5 (Build 33489):
ECAM-41303 Slow start up time with Windows
ECAM-39211 Planning Board - Check toolkit - some tools are missing numbers
ECAM-40463 Profiling - Gouges Solid with Spring Pass and Overlap
ECAM-40579 Roughing - Waveform - Wrong toolpath due to Cut Increment and Stepover values
ECAM-39698 Profiling - Gouging Part when selecting whole Solid instead of Features
ECAM-40176 Cannot get geometry from Inventor solid in the Turkish language.
ECAM-40276 File Location - File path with Greek letters is not recognized
ECAM-40613 Code Wizard - Crashes when saving cgx Fixed
ECAM-40774 Licensing - Tombstone features not accessible if the maintenance has expired
ECAM-40948 ToolStore - Greek System Locale causes Invalid insert parameter
ECAM-40739 NC Editor - Scroll bar at the bottom does not work Available in 2018 R1 SU5 DVD image
ECAM-39931 Creo assembly saving - crashes when Granite Assembly Level Features option is active
ECAM-39995 License Manager - cls 2018 is not showing the Maintenance and License expiry dates
ECAM-18854 EWS/Feature Finder - does not correctly convert thread unit (inch/mm)
ECAM-39929 Feature Finder - Does not recognise tapped hole in EWS solid
ECAM-30018 Rough Waveform Turn - Max High Feed not output in NC but displayed in application

About Vero Edgecam 2018 R1. Vero Software releases Edgecam 2018 R1, which includes updates of relevance to manufacturers. When a user makes an edit to an existing command, Edgecam 2018 R1 will not automatically regenerate the remaining instructions. When editing a tool command, there will now be no regeneration if the alteration does not affect the corresponding cycles with aspects such as coolant or high-speed.

Two new items of functionality in the Roughing Cycle reportedly provide time savings in the milling, turning and MTM environments.

The Waveform Roughing Strategy now gives users the ability to determine the radius size when using the helical approach option, by simply entering maximum and minimum values, which will aid the tool’s entry into the component.

Edgecam 2018 R1 provides support for Deep Hole Drilling – also known as Gun Drilling. The new strategy empowers the user to control entry, exit and intermediate drilling conditions.

The Profiling cycle used in both milling and turning, now has two new items of functionality. A Spring Cuts field has been added to the Multi Passes tab, which means tool deflection can be removed where necessary, by adding extra neutral passes, known as Spring Passes. This will be used typically when machining hard materials…repeating the profile pass can result in improved accuracy and surface finish.

Support for JT Open files is incorporated for the first time. This is a lightweight 3D model format developed by Siemens PLM Software.

An Editing Manual Milling function provides for editing a manually created milling feature, instead of having to recreate an entire feature when extra edges are required.

In addition, the Move Point function within the Inspection module has two further options: ‘Fixed Axis,’ and ‘Fixed On Surface,’ giving the ability to align a measurement point along a fixed axis, or a solid face. And the Plane Feature command has been enhanced enabling users to choose to evaluate ‘flatness’ on more than four probe touches.

Edgecam 2018 R1 continues the evolution of updating cycle dialogs with pictures and context-sensitive help, by updating the B-Axis Contouring Cycle, and 3- and 5- Axis cycles.

Another new feature that delivers time savings is the Pass Boundary To Cycles function, in the Feature Properties window. An improved toolpath is generated when the user engagers Current Stock, and picks a solid feature. Rather than use the stock limits, which can sometimes lead to unwanted passes, the toolpath is now clipped back to the feature’s natural boundary.

Finally, additional functionality has been added to the B-Axis Contouring Cycle, which was introduced in the 2017 R2 edition. Maximum Angular Increment will improve the surface finish by refining the NC output, while machining complex turned profiles, according to the company.

About Vero Software. Vero Software is a world leader in CAD CAM software with a proven track record of reliable product delivery. Vero develops and distributes software for aiding the design and manufacturing processes, providing solutions for the tooling, production engineering, sheet metal, metal fabrication, stone and woodworking industries. The company's world-renowned brands include Alphacam, Cabinet Vision, Edgecam, Machining STRATEGIST, PEPS, Radan, SMIRT, SURFCAM, VISI, and WorkNC, along with the production control MRP system Javelin. Despite the diversity of application, these solutions have one thing in common: they all address the rising challenges of achieving manufacturing efficiencies and bring huge value to the operations where they are deployed.

Product: Vero Edgecam
Version: 2018 R1 SU5 (build 33489) DVD and Update Only
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even SP1 or newer
Software Prerequisites: Vero Edgecam 2018 R1 or newer


Download File Size:3.74 GB

Vero Edgecam 2018 R1 SU5 x64
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