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Starry Night Pro Plus 7.6.3 for Mac €30 buy download

Starry Night transforms your computer into a complete realtime virtual universe one billion light-years in spherical diameter. 3D simulations supported with detailed interactive multimedia tutorials will accelerate your understanding of the night sky. Check the sky calendar, the event finder, identify your constellations, print 180° star charts, connect & control your telescope, record in the logbook. Starry Night has all the tools required to plan and execute a fun-filled night of successful stargazing.

Research 200,000 Years Of Data
Starry Night is an invaluable asset for researching historical anomalies and future predictions. Whether you want want to model the biblical stars of Bethlehem or the near Earth asteroid of 2036, Starry Night lets you bend spacetime to your will.

Starry Night Pro Plus 7 is our fully featured flagship program, tailored for the astronomer who wants the very best in-class astronomy software and telescope control experience.

Key features include:

-Stars and Exoplanets in 3D
-Simple, fast, user-optimized interface
-All-Sky CCD Mosaic & 5 multi-wavelength full sky surveys
-Enhanced telescope control
-Fully featured with a complete object database (updated catalogs & high res images)
-Restyled SkyGuide
-Maxim DL Plugin

Extra Solar Planets
Pro Plus 7 includes known exoplanets in 3D, with proper size, orbit and planetary textures! You can visit and land of the surface of every single one. See an extra-solar sunset from the surface of Kepler-62e!

New User Interface & Search
Pro Plus 7 offers a user-optimized interface - simple, fast, dynamic! And, with "Universal Search" resulting matches reference all features, databases, SkyGuide references, events, and favourite files.

3D Stars
Using state of the art OpenGL high performance graphics, all stars in Pro Plus 7 are now accurately rendered as 3D bodies complete with classification-appropriate color, surface texture and relative radii.


-New User Interface & Universal Search
-3D Stars
-All-Sky CCD Mosaic
-Multi-Wavelength Sky Surveys
-Extragalactic 3D Galaxy Database
-High Resolution Planetary Texture Collection
-SkyGuide: Take An Interactive Tour
-Space Missions
-State Of The Art OpenGL High Performance Graphics
-View The Sky From Anywhere
-Hertzsprung-Russell Diagrams
-The Graph Tool
-Travel In Time
-Observation Lists
-Automatic Updates
-Ephemeris Generator
-Equipment List
-Telescope Control
-Add Your Own Deep Sky Images
-MaximDL Plugin

Download File Size:2.59 GB

Starry Night Pro Plus 7.6.3 for Mac
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