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NextLimit RealFlow Cinema 4D 2.5.2 for Mac x64 €25 buy download


Next Limit has released RealFlow | Cinema 4D 2.5.2, the latest version of its fluid simulation software for Cinema 4D, adding support for granular, viscous and viscoelastic materials, and interacting fluids.

Release Notes
Features Added
- RFCFD-572 - New node "Visualizer". Daemon vector fields can be visualized.
- RFCFD-568 - Age and vorticity property can be used to color particles in the viewport.
- RFCFD-596 - Compatibility with the TurbulenceFD Emitter tag to use RealFlow particles for TurbulenceFD emission. Make sure to update TurbulenceFD to version v1.0 Rev 1435 or higher.
- RFCFD-566 - New vertex maps, "Age" and "Vorticity", for meshes.
- RFCFD-557 - New vertex maps "Weights" to mix fluids.
- RFCFD-601 - Falloff for DSpline.
- RFCFD-574 - New viewport handle to control the Volume parameter of the basic emitters.
- RFCFD-573 - Image Emitter displays the texture in the viewport.
- RFCFD-583 - New "Texture Sampling Resolution" parameter in RealFlow preferences.
- RFCFD-554 - New global cache "Offset" parameter in Scene node.
- RFCFD-603 - New cache "Offset" parameter in Fluid, Rigid, Elastic and Mesher nodes.
- RFCFD-575 - Current license information is displayed in the License dialog.
- RFCFD-585 - Possibility to set the RFC4D_LICENSE_PATH environment variable to use a custom search path for license files.
- RFCFD-586 - Possibility to use gradients to customize the Mesher vertex map value transitions.
- RFCFD-597 - New "Auto Mesh Normals" parameter for the Mesher to switch between the mesher normals (accurate) or geometry normals (customizable).
- RFCFD-608 - When a Vertex Map is selected in a Mesher node, its values are represented as a gradient in the viewport.
Thinking Particles
- RFCFD-600 - Fluids now accept a Thinking Particles group as a parameter to decide which TP group particles should be synchronized. This replaces the old "Create Thinking Particles" checkbox.
- RFCFD-351 - Array Tool: Parameters can't be animated for meshes.
- RFCFD-517 - Initial State files created in RealFlow | Cinema 4D 1.0 are not compatible with 2.0 and higher version due to the switch from RPC to Alembic.
- RFCFD-356 - When using a multi-segment spline with the spline emitter node the "Prev" and "Next" buttons only iterate through the control points on the current segment.
- RFCFD-580 - Mesh fluid/emitter weight vertex map computation is limited to a maximum amount of 10.
- RFCFD-358 - File paths can't have unicode characters on Mac OS X.
- RFCFD-519 - Simulation steps configuration from RealFlow | Cinema 4D 1.0 scenes is reset to Auto mode when opened in 2.0 version.
- RFCFD-469 - Simulation look on render may differ between multiple simulation/renders unless caching is enabled.
- RFCFD-486 - Objects deformed with Rigid, Elastic and Particle Skinner only support motion blur when using the Point Cache tag.
- RFCFD-499 - Particle render instances are not rendered/recognized by NVIDIA's Iray.
- RFCFD-500 - Motion blur with meshes doesn't work with NVIDIA's Iray.
- RFCFD-501 - Motion blur with meshes doesn't work with Maxwell Render.
- RFCFD-530 - Particle render instances original objects remain visible during render.
Fixed Bugs
- RFCFD-553 - Playback frame and state should be preserved after caching Simulation or Meshes.
- RFCFD-606 - RealFlow nodes bounding box is sometimes displayed in a position different than its actual location.
- RFCFD-614 - GPU simulations may become unstable or crash with slight changes in simulation steps or iterations. The issue was particularly noticeable when simulation steps were set to 8.
- RFCFD-569 - Keyframes on parameters under Solver tab in Scene node are ignored.
- RFCFD-567 - Min and Max Ranges, inside Display tab, aren't updated when Automatic Range is on.
- RFCFD-565 - GPU simulations with three or more linked fluids may crash or freeze Cinema 4D.
- RFCFD-562 - An initial state can't be saved if a "Magic" daemon is present
- RFCFD-571 - Animated textures for Image Emitters are always evaluated at initial frame.
- RFCFD-559 - With some geometries, like "Platonic" object, the implicit surfaces are always rebuilt even if they haven't been modified.
- RFCFD-558 - Fill Emitter isn't notified about the changes done in a Volume Tag.
- RFCFD-546 - Spline emitter does not allow dragging Fluids to its links parameter.
- RFCFD-611 - Object emitter speed texture gray values are evaluated as white always instead of having different speed.
- RFCFD-563 - "Attractor" daemon isn't connected properly when a scene file is loaded.
- RFCFD-556 - "Filter Inside" parameter of "Filter" daemon does not work as expected.
- RFCFD-598 - Filter daemon allows more than one fluid as target.
- RFCFD-602 - DSpline daemon leaks memory after a long time running.
- RFCFD-615 - "Filter When False" parameter is not working for Filter daemon.
- RFCFD-570 - During rendering, sometimes, the Mesher doesn't update the geometry in consecutive frames.
- RFCFD-581 - Particle texture coordinates are not being taken into account to compute the mesh UVs.
- RFCFD-584 - Sometimes vertex maps show flickering due to interpolation.
- RFCFD-605 - Geometry is not cleared when the meshed fluid has no particles.
- RFCFD-613 - When a Mesher frame is missing in cache mode, the mesh geometry is not reset.
- RFCFD-564 - "Remove Scene Cache Files" also removes initial state files.
- RFCFD-570 - During rendering, sometimes, the Mesher doesn't update the geometry in consecutive frames.
- RFCFD-582 - It is possible to use negative values for wetmaps resolution.
Cinema 4D UI
- RFCFD-594 - Sphere emitter viewport representation when scale is non uniform is distorted instead of a perfect sphere.
- RFCFD-612 - Cinema 4D may crash when dragging a RealFlow node and the keyboard modifier CTRL is pressed and released.
Thinking Particles
- RFCFD-539 - Crash if a Thinking Particles group of a fluid is removed manually.
- RFCFD-435 - Crash after removing a TP group being meshed.
Known Bugs
- RFCFD-522 - Emitter ID value is not preserved on scene reopening.
- RFCFD-354 - If a segment is removed the configuration of the circles of the other segments is reset.
- RFCFD-353 - Undo/Redo is not working when a control point is added.
- RFCFD-551 - Having two or more k Isolated daemons linked to the same fluid makes the isolation value grow as many times as the number of k Isolated linked daemons.

About RealFlow | Cinema 4D 2.0. Next Limit RealFlow is one of the industry standards for simulating fluids in 3D graphics. Version 2.0 offers improved integration in Cinema 4D and optimized connectivity to MoGraph, Hair and the Take System. The new version also supports the simulation of granular, viscose, solid and elastic materials.
New RealFlow features like the interaction of various fluids in a simulation are now also available in Cienema 4D. The software's speed has also been improved and calculation on the GPU is up to 8 times faster than on the CPU. Realflow | Cinema 4D users now benefit from an even faster and easier workflow while working with the familiar Cinema 4D interface.

About Next Limit Technologies. Next Limit Technologies provides cutting-edge simulation technologies for a broad range of applications in computer graphics, science and engineering. Next Limits products include "RealFlow" (comprehensive toolkit for fluid and physical dynamics simulation for visual effects industries), "Maxwell Render" (physically correct light simulation and render engine), and “XFlow” (new computational fluid dynamics software for engineering applications). All products have been developed using proprietary technology, are available for multiple platforms, and connect seamlessly with most major applications in the DCC and CAD markets.

Product: NextLimit RealFlow | Cinema 4D
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even and higher / OS X 10.9 or higher
Software Prerequisites: Cinema 4D R15 and above


Download File Size:10.88 MB

NextLimit RealFlow Cinema 4D 2.5.2 for Mac x64
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