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8Dio Insolidus Choir KONTAKT €79 buy download

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8Dio Insolidus Choir KONTAKT | 34.9 Gb
Insolidus is produced by Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G Award Winning Composer and Producer, Troels Folmann. Insolidus is a new-generation choral library dedicated to effortless, lyrical and expressive choral writing. It is the first to feature expressive polyphonic legato, so you can play advanced chord- and syllable progressions with a single patch. Insolidus can be a soft, distant light of a silent snowy night. A contemporary scoring choir for epic and emotional pieces. Your gentle and sleepy sonic textures or the first pilot for any classical music composition.

The heart of Insolidus is 40 males and 25 females hand-picked by master conductor Petr Polonanik. The sessions took place over several weeks and with a completely new approach to sampling, which allows it to be completely fluent and effortless to work with. We spared no expense and the end result is over 89GB of choral material losslessly compressed to 37GB.

A variety of new recording and sampling techniques were deployed into Insolidus – making it the most realistic, instantly playable and lyrical symphonic choir in existence. You will find new articulation types such as our Arc Syllables. These offer a naturally swelling arc and the ability to control how many syllable changes (2, 3 or 4) you want in the arc. You have a deep assortment of new multi-vowels that were sampled dynamically – both in velocity layers, but also additional multi-vowels with natural swell motion in them. The multi-vowels also come different rhythmic accentuation. You have velocity based True Legato for Ah, Eh, Oh and Uh. You have short notes and sustains.

• World-Class Lyrical Orchestral Choir
• 37.500 Samples. 89GB HDD (compressed to 37.2GB)
• 4 Hall Microphones (Mixed, Decca, Wide, Far)
• 4 Spot Microphones (Spot 1, Spot 2, Spot 3, Spot 4)
• Advanced Phrase-Sequencer (up to 64 phrases)
• 27 Syllable Arcs (2, 3 and 4 Syllables)
• 20 Dynamic (MW) Multi-Vowels in 3/4
• 32 Dynamic (MW) Multi-Vowels in 4/4
• True Legato (MW) (PP/MF/FF) (Ah, Oh, Eh, Uh)
• 24 Shorts, Sustains and Tonal Effects

Download File Size:34.95 GB

8Dio Insolidus Choir KONTAKT
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