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Total Data Quality Management
Assuring data quality is a critical task for manufacturing companies
that are part of a process chain. CAD models are in a continual flow
from company to company and from department to department.
In order to avoid the expense and time to resolve problems and rework
models, companies must not only check the quality of their models,
they must manage and improve the data.
High quality data is not achieved by running a software check at the
end of the design process. Quality checking must be fully and
naturally integrated into each user's work process.

The Q-Checker modules
The Structure Checker assures the compliance of the CATIA model to
company and industry standards. For example: Model Attributes (Model
Dimension, Allowed Geometry Entities, Save Status), Layer
Classification and Filter Definition, Attributes of Geometry Entities
(Standards, No Show, No Pick), Clean Up (CATCLN-Utility, Delete of
Unused Details and Empty Sets), and Model Project setting.
The Geo Checker controls the integrity of the geometric elements. It
contains the recommendation VDA 4955 Version 1 and 2 which has been
established as the common standard for the German automotive market.
Other standards such as SASIG and PDQ are either integrated or are
easy to integrate.
Q-Checker is widely configurable to the needs of every company. The
list of criteria to check and the report format can be configured by
the administrator. Additionally, the software is delivered containing
the standard profiles of the most important OEMs.
Database Connect provides the ability to store the results in any SQL
database. The Quality Monitor produces reports from this data showing
trends and the current state . Q-Checker includes a DLL-interface and
is open for companies to integrate their own components.
To be effective, Data Quality software needs to be used as an
integrated part of the design process. The later a problem is
found with a model, the more difficult and expensive it is to fix.
To be successful, the checking tool must be fast, easy to use, and
able to increase the productivity of users.
Q-Checker has been completely designed from the User's perspective.
It provides a simple interface to perform all the checks predefined
by the administrator. Q-Checker also contains advanced healing
functions to automatically correct many errors.

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TransCAT Q-Checker for CATIA V5R14 1.10.2
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