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CBT Nuggets
Don Jones
Ready to learn Windows PowerShell? Learn from the best: Microsoft MVP award recipient Don Jones, author of "Learn Windows PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches," presents a video training series that will help you master PowerShell's foundations with absolutely zero prior experience.
Using a friendly, approachable style and a carefully planned outline, Don introduces you to PowerShell's ins and outs, one piece at a time. With a focus on teaching you how to use PowerShell to actually teach yourself, you'll become "immediately effective" in just a few short lessons, and start exploring some of PowerShell's high-end capabilities. Full of clear demonstrations and advice for avoiding the most common pitfalls and "gotchas," this is the perfect way to learn Microsoft's new command-line and scripting technology.
A brief outline of this series, along with information on setting up your own PowerShell lab environment. You'll also find URLs for the series' online companion content and other useful learning resources.

Meet PowerShell
Get some of the first PowerShell "gotchas" out of the way, decide which experience you'll use to access PowerShell, and learn about some of the most common initial points of confusion.

Using the Help System
The single most important PowerShell skill is being able to use its help system, and you'll learn all of the tricks, ins, and outs for doing so.

Running Commands
Start getting used to PowerShell's syntax and terminology, and learn a variety of ways to run both internal and external commands.

Working with Providers
PowerShell's system of providers is an important part of the shell's extensibility and management approach - and too few classes spend any time teaching you this critical technology! Learn everything there is to know about providers and how to use them in a variety of situations.

The Pipeline: Connecting Commands
Learn how PowerShell's pipeline, when properly used, can often eliminate the need for long, complex scripts. Focus on importing and exporting data, converting data to different output forms, and more.

Adding Commands
PowerShell was designed for extensibility, and the ability to add commands is what lets it connect to, and manage, so many different technologies. Learn how this works, and how to discover for yourself what commands you have to work with.

Objects: Just Data by Another Name
You need to get in-sync with some PowerShell terminology in order to continue, as well as learn some tricks for letting PowerShell teach you about the data it knows how to work with.

The Pipeline, Deeper
Mastering the PowerShell pipeline is the best way to become a shell expert. Learn how data is passed between commands, and how you can manipulate that process to achieve your administrative goals.

Formatting, and Why it's Done on the Right
Learn to take the output of any PowerShell command and create beautiful (well, good) looking output for the screen, printer, or text file - and learn the "gotchas" that trip people up the most!

Filtering and Comparisons
Learn to focus on exactly the data you want to see by filtering it right within the pipeline.

Remote Control: One on One, and One to Many
Learn the basics of PowerShell's incredible Remoting, the technology that makes managing a hundred servers as easy as managing just one.

Using Windows Management Instrumentation
Learn about WMI - and its new cousin, CIM - and how they provide access to a wealth of management information through PowerShell.

Multitasking with Background Jobs
Get PowerShell to do several things at once using its integrated jobs mechanism. You'll learn about many types of jobs, including scheduled and WMI jobs, to give you maximum flexibility and functionality.

Working with Bunches of Objects, One at a Time
PowerShell is all about batch management - doing something to several targets in just one action. Sometimes that means having PowerShell repeat some task over and over against a bunch of targets - and you'll learn how to do that.

Security Alert
This short Nugget will focus on PowerShell's security system for scripting, including recommendations and under-the-hood details of how it all works.

Variables: A Place to Store Your Stuff
As you start doing more with PowerShell, you'll need to become familiar with variables, a way of temporarily storing data in-memory and re-using it in numerous ways.

Input and Output
You'll often need to write scripts that interact with human beings, and PowerShell offers a few ways to do that. Not all of them are good, though - so you'll learn what to do, and when, and how to stick with the "PowerShell way" to get maximum reusability from your creations.

Sessions: Remote Control with Less Work
Learn how to create persistent, reusable Remoting connections, store them in variables, and manage them.

You Call This Scripting?
Start with a command and turn it into a parameterized, reusable script that can be easily distributed to, and used by, your less-technical colleagues.

Improving Your Parameterized Script
Take your scripts to the next level by adding mandatory parameters, validating input, adding verbose output, and more.

Additional Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
A roundup of additional things you'll find useful, including profiles, more operators, string and date manipulation, and more.

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CBT Nuggets PowerShell 3 Foundations
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