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Zbrushworkshops Sculpting an MP5-K in ZBrush 4 €15 buy download

The MP5-K workshop covers Shadowbox, Clip Brushes, Spotlight, Remesh, Mesh Extraction, 3D Primitives, Project All, and much more.The goal is to master hard surface sculpting in ZBrush and we provide several production quality workflows that will get you started right away.
In this lecture I show you how to use Shadowbox to create the basic shapes that we need for our MP5-K assault rifle. Along the way I also show you how to break up complex shapes into simplier, more primitive forms to make them easier to use.
Clip Brushes
Clip brushes are new and they are awesome! Lets look at how to use them and what to expect from them. They aren’t always easy but they are powerful and with a few inside tips you’ll be moving along like a pro in no time.
Image Plane
Its important to use reference with your models. Keeps us honest. In this lecture we look at using the Image Plane plugin by Marcus Civis to check our model. There are some problems with it but its a great way to get started.
Once we have all the individual parts machined into existence via shadowbox and the clip brushes its time to combine them into the actual working parts of our sculpt. This is a really cool part of this whole process for me and also helps when you use Transform: Explode.
Internal Forms
Now that we have all the parts combined into their actual working parts its time to focus on the internal forms and start to make this look like the real thing instead of a toy.
Complex Shapes
Some parts of our sculpt are more complex than others. I find it best to leave these till later in the process so they don’t gum up my brain. This helps me stay focused on problems I can solve and then tackle more difficult problems when I can devote more time to them.
Now that we’ve tackled the more complex shapes and the internal forms we have a few more details to take care of. This is the stage where ever thing just seems to slow way down. Its important to be patient though and just keep moving.
Time to create the magazine for our weapon. While this could a complicated sculpt if we just jumped right in and start with the Clay or Standard brush we are going to start with a solid workflow and build methodically so its as easy as can be.
Another round of details. Time to get all the little switches and buttons that cover the weapon and add that next level of detail.
Sight I & II & III
This is a 3 part series. To create the sight I go a bit more in-depth than I probably need to but I wanted to make sure you saw the workflow for creating these pieces all in ZBrush. This workflow relies on a methodical approach and the interaction of features like Remesh and Project All.
Hollowing Out
Want to make your gun even cooler? I have a really neat way to hollow out the gun so you can create openings and all sorts of other cool details.
Holster: Analysis
Now its time to move onto the holster. To start, though, we want to understand the structure or anatomy of a holster. Its simply, I know, but its incredibly important and a few minutes here will save us hours later.
Holster: The Template
Once we understand the basic form its time to create the template. This is a concept I go back to quite often. In ZBrush, we do not extrude polygons. Instead, we extract them. This is similar to a carpenter creating build forms.
Holster: Straps
We’ll we have certainly had our share of details with this model. Now we have more: straps. To create the straps we are going to stay entirely inside of ZBrush and use our Death to Box Modeling workflow.
Holster: Seams
The usual seams video. Makes use of the brushes I created years ago to help the community create more realistic clothing stitching. Along the way I also help you understand how to create your own brushes like this.
Holster: Velcro
Another great use of Surface Noise: creating velcro. Couldn’t help myself with this one. To easy to do.
Holster: Wrap Mode
Lets create a specific cloth pattern for the straps of our holster. To create a completely custom texture I use a little know feature: Wrap Mode. It makes short work of creating clothing or environmental patterns.
Holster: Decimation
Time to add our weapon to our character? Here I show you how to use Decimation Master to combine the model and decrease its polygon count. No sense adding a 12 million polygon prop to a character that is already 12 million polygons, right?

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Zbrushworkshops Sculpting an MP5-K in ZBrush 4
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