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LinPlug All Plugins Bundle AU, VST, RTAS for Mac €89 buy download

Year: 2013
Version: latest
Developer: LinPlug
Website Developer: linplug.com /
Platform: PPC / Intel Universal
Language: English
System requirements:
Mac OS X 10.6.0or later
- PowerPC G5 or Intel Core processor
- 512 MB of RAM
- 70 MB of free hard drive space
- 1024 x 768 screen resolution
- Built-in audio interface
- Mac OS X-compatible MIDI interface / keyboard

Albino 3.2.0 - is a common project of LinPlug Virtual Instruments GmbH and sound designer Rob Papen (Rob Papen). Rob is known for its commercial preset libraries for hardware synthesizers Ensoniq, E-mu, Alesis, Acces and other history of LinPlug begins in 1985 , when company founder Peter Linsener (Peter Linsener) developed a MIDI- sequencer for computer Sinclair ZX Spectrum. A few years Peter has worked with companies operating in the field of computer music. In 1999, he developed the first virtual synthesizer . Today Peter is the CEO of the company, responsible for the concept developed tools. In addition to his work LinPlug a few more people (programmers for Windows and Mac, technical writer , administrator) .
The famous Dutch sound designer Rob Papen provided more than 2100 presets that cover all types of sounds for today's modern music. Each preset can be composed of four individual layers. So actually the sound can take up to 80 oscillators for a single note ( 4 Layers , 4 Oscillators each, 5 times Spread)

Alpha 3.2.2 - software synthesizer simulates analog subtractive synthesis . There are two oscillators (various waveforms from classic analog -to-date digital ) with adjustable balance filter ( simulates analog, has the ability to overload modes: allows the lower frequencies , which lets high pass, band pass ), two envelopes , LFO, modulation matrix (15 sources and 12 destinations , four sets of settings), shestigolosny chorus, portamento function ( three modes ) . 24 notes of polyphony . Possible adjustment is accurate to simulate instability analog devices.

CronoX 3.6.6 - is AU / VST sampler synthesizer, having at its disposal a large number of tools : filters, oscillators , modulators , 7 ADSFR envelopes , 4 low frequency oscillator (LFO), built-in effects ( up to 6 can operate at the same time ) : Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Filter, Flanger, Gator, Stereo Enhancer, Parametric EQ and Crusher. Support for multiple sample formats WAV and AIFF ( up to 24bit/96kHz), stereo and surround sound format 5.1.Est page is a simplified editing patches , the function of mono and polyphonic portamento function assignment MIDI- messages on the control parameters. Supported by micro-adjustment (formats TUN / Scala). Maximum polyphony 32 voices . Efforts are about 700 new presets created by famous sound designers .

CrX4 4.0.1 - mess up your samples in real time so as not do it any other tool. If you start with a sample barrel, eventually you can get an interesting pad from it, and also do not be surprised if you get a sample of vocal percussion breakdown. Samples are food for the universal and unique engine CrX4.

Element P 1.1.2 - uses a simulation of analog synthesis to create percussion and bass sounds. There is also a kind of FM- synthesis. Element P module replaces Roagine, compared with which the improved synth part , increased efficiency and added new features . Element P has up to 32 voices of polyphony , octopartite multitembralnost , four envelope generators ( pitch , timbre , noise and volume) , six mono outputs. All parameters can be controlled via MIDI. Supports automation and settings are saved in the song. Declared timing to within a sample.

MorphoX 1.0.6 - this synthesizer allows for unprecedented transformation of the sound. The most interesting feature of the synthesizer MorphoX is the possibility of mixing with the wheel Morph Wheel of two different patches, carrying out a smooth transition from one tool to another during the game. Also worth mentioning is the programmable arpeggiator provides up to 16 steps and extensive modulation capabilities. For musicians electronical styles. More than 500 presets included in the default library.

Octopus 1.3.2 - synth samples and hybrid modulation frequency . Synthesis of samples may be performed on primary database 10 and 8 endpoints modulation additive oscillators 8 , waveforms using user-defined or formed based on the already finished samples. Two multi-mode filter FM can also be used as sources of FM modulation . This lets you adjust parameters such as signal amplitude , mix, panning , tone, frequency, phase , and slice the resonant component. In the present section of the stereo effects Parametric EQ, Chorus, Delay and Reverb. To create complex waveforms can use two built-in sequencer with 32 steps each. LinPlug Octopus has a 12- voice polyphony .

Organ 3.1.9 - is a continuation of a simulator of electromechanical daOrgan. The new version has 64 voices of polyphony (depending on the power of the computer ), 12 models of electronic organs (including Hammond B3, Farfisa and Vox), three separate keyboard ( upper, lower and pedal ) , the ability to save and copy the settings keyboards , blend modes, and separation sounds of keyboards , the individual settings for each keyboard function percussion , vibrato , pitch wheel , envelope generators (ADSR) and transposition , the ability to adjust the sound level keys and motor ability to change the age of the simulated instrument , customizable function portamento , two programmable effect algorithms are simulated rotation speaker , reverb , delay , chorus , Gator, LoFi) with the ability to sync with the tempo settings , file support Micro Adjust TUN, improved support for external MIDI- controllers (there are presets for Native Instruments B4D models and Doepfer d3c).

Relectro 1.0.2 - effect is neither delay nor any filter and pitch shifter, but at the same time, all this underlies it. Do not try to understand, just try it in action. For example, try to find the most boring and outdated drums and process them with the relectro - he will turn them into something completely different. If you do not believe me, check for yourself.

RMV 5.1.3 - is the result of many years of research and programming. RMV - A huge step forward compared to its predecessor RMIV. It includes the addictive drum synth, sampler, a tool for working with loops and drum library.

SaxLab 2.1.3 - this exhibit is also the result of many years of research and programming. It uses not one technology but a very carefully balanced combination of various techniques to obtain the most realistic sound that you can only get from a virtual instrument. The accuracy , expression and variation - a prerequisite for sound plausible saxophone.
Particular attention was paid to the creation of rich and most rapid execution management functions to instrument sounded plausible as possible .
Inspiring collection of sounds combined with an easy -to-use interface makes SaxLab 2 perfect tool for musicians wanting to imitate a real saxophone .

Download File Size:1.4 GB

LinPlug All Plugins Bundle AU, VST, RTAS for Mac
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