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Pluralsight Windows Phone Testing and Error Management €10 buy download

Lars Klint
3h 26m

In any development project, a serious and extensive test harness provides the foundation for building quality software that is trusted and reliable. Windows Phone is no different. Many of the same approaches used on other platforms are relevant here, but there are also scenarios specific to Windows Phone that are important and can differentiate your app. This course will teach you all the building blocks for incorporating testing in your Windows Phone project and build up your critical thinking when it comes to choosing areas and features to test. Learn some shortcuts that will speed up your testing and development alike, and make sure you don't ignore any areas that could benefit from testing.

01. Introduction
01. Yawn!.wmv
02. A World Without Testing.wmv
03. Testing and Error Management Outline.wmv
04. Goals.wmv

02. Test Areas
01. Introduction.wmv
02. Which Areas Should I Test .wmv
03. First Run.wmv
04. Fast Application Switching and Tombstoning.wmv
05. Hands on Fast App Resume.wmv
06. Navigation.wmv
07. User Interface and Layout.wmv
08. Settings.wmv
09. Special Features.wmv
10. Summary.wmv

03. Test Libraries
01. Introduction.wmv
02. Test Libraries What are they .wmv
03. Windows Phone Toolkit Test Framework.wmv
04. Hands on Windows Phone Toolkit Test Framework.wmv
05. Windows Phone Test Framework.wmv
06. Mock In-App Purchase Library.wmv
07. Hands on Mock In-App Purchase Library.wmv
08. Roll Your Own.wmv
09. Benefits.wmv
10. Summary.wmv

04. Preparing Test Data
01. Introduction.wmv
02. Importance of Test Data.wmv
03. Reusable Test Data.wmv
04. Project Data.wmv
05. Hands on Design Time Data in Blend.wmv
06. Hands on Visual Studio Test Data.wmv
07. Location Data.wmv
08. Hands on Testing With Location Data.wmv
09. Summary.wmv

05. Unit Testing
01. Introduction.wmv
02. What is Unit Testing .wmv
03. Lifecycle.wmv
04. How to Indentify Unit Tests.wmv
05. Test Driven Development.wmv
06. Windows Phone Unit Test Project.wmv
07. Hands on Windows Phone Unit Testing.wmv
08. Code Coverage Tools.wmv
09. Summary.wmv

06. Integration Testing
01. Introduction.wmv
02. What is Integration Testing.wmv
03. Top Down Approach.wmv
04. Bottom Up Approach.wmv
05. Sandwich Approach.wmv
06. Big Bang Approach.wmv
07. Continuous Integration.wmv
08. Integration Testing on Windows Phone.wmv
09. Summary.wmv

07. Performance Testing
01. Introduction.wmv
02. Platform Performance.wmv
03. Areas of Concern.wmv
04. User Guidance.wmv
05. Perfoamnce APIs.wmv
06. Performance Tools.wmv
07. Hands on Performance Tools.wmv
08. Hands on Frame Rate Counters.wmv
09. Summary.wmv

08. Logging Frameworks
01. Introduction.wmv
02. Devices in the Wild.wmv
03. Bugsense.wmv
04. Hands on Bugsense.wmv
05. NLog.wmv
06. Adding Value.wmv
07. Summary.wmv


Download File Size:663.4 MB

Pluralsight Windows Phone Testing and Error Management
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