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Pluralsight Building AngularJS and Node.js Apps with the MEAN Stack €10 buy download

Joe Eames
4h 1m

The MEAN stack is becoming more and more popular. Angular.js has become the hottest new MVC framework, and using it with Node and Express means a high level of harmony between the client and server. Throw MongoDB on for data storage, and you have JavaScript from front to back. These applications are quick to put together, and represent the modern state of web application development. This course will help you get a full application up and running in no time, and introduce you to all the core concepts you need to build applications utilizing these technologies.

01. Course Introduction
01. Introduction.mp4
02. Prerequisites.mp4
03. Operating System.mp4
04. The Multivision Application.mp4
05. Versions.mp4

02. Creating a Walking Skeleton
01. Introduction.mp4
02. Creating the package.json file.mp4
03. Adding Git.mp4
04. Installing Clientside Dependencies with Bower.mp4
05. Creating the Node Application.mp4
06. Adding Stylus.mp4
07. Creating a Layout.mp4
08. Creating the Angular Application.mp4
09. Adding MongoDB.mp4
10. Displaying Data in a View.mp4
11. Summary.mp4

03. Deploying to Heroku
01. Introduction.mp4
02. Preparing for Heroku.mp4
03. Heroku and MongoDB.mp4
04. Pushing to Heroku.mp4
05. General Heroku Troubleshooting.mp4
06. Managing and Troubleshooting Heroku Keys.mp4
07. Summary.mp4

04. Designing the UI
01. Introduction.mp4
02. Creating the Header and Footer.mp4
03. Creating the Main Page Content.mp4
04. Adding Data to the Main Page.mp4
05. Summary.mp4

05. Authentication
01. Introduction.mp4
02. Adding the Login Display.mp4
03. Refactoring server.js.mp4
04. Preparing for Login.mp4
05. Creating the Server Login Code.mp4
06. Creating the Client Login Code.mp4
07. Improving the Client Login Code.mp4
08. Improving the Server Login Code.mp4
09. Summary .mp4

06. Security and Authorization
01. Introduction.mp4
02. Implementing Secure Passwords .mp4
03. Adding Signout Functionality.mp4
04. Persisting Login between Page Refreshes.mp4
05. Refactoring Server Authentication Code.mp4
06. Implementing Clientside Authorization.mp4
07. Implementing Serverside Authorization.mp4
08. Protecting Admin Pages on the Client.mp4
09. Summary.mp4

07. Client-side Testing
01. Introduction.mp4
02. Installing Testing Tools.mp4
03. Testing the mvUser Service.mp4
04. Summary.mp4

08. Implementing Signup - Creating Entities
01. Introduction.mp4
02. Implementing the Client Code.mp4
03. Creating the Server-side Controller.mp4
04. Refactoring the Server-side Model.mp4
05. Implementing Model Validation.mp4
06. Summary.mp4

09. Use Profile - Updating Data
01. Introduction.mp4
02. Creating the Display.mp4
03. Creating the Client-side Code.mp4
04. Creating the Server-side Code.mp4
05. Summary.mp4

10. Course List - Sorting, Filtering and Caching
01. Introduction.mp4
02. Creating the Client-side Code.mp4
03. Creating the Server-side Code.mp4
04. Filtering and Sorting.mp4
05. Getting Main Page Data from the Server.mp4
06. Caching Data.mp4
07. Summary.mp4

11. Course Details - Selecting and Caching Single Entities
01. Introduction.mp4
02. Creating the Client-side Code.mp4
03. Creating the Server-side Code.mp4
04. Getting Cached Data.mp4
05. Summary.mp4
06. Course Summary.mp4


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Pluralsight Building AngularJS and Node.js Apps with the MEAN Stack
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