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ProCAD 3DSmart 2008 €20 buy download
With 3DSMART you get the latest database and
Autodesk technologies in one easy to use 3D modeling
package that comes fully-loaded with all the modules
you need-Project Manager, Specification Manager,
Modeler, BOM Settings Manager, BOM Generator,
ISOGEN, Roamer, Publisher, Presenter and Clash
Detective. Further, extensive libraries for ANSI
piping, structural steel, shared components,
equipment and engines + compressors are included at
no additional cost.

3DSMART is database driven, which means that anytime
a component is placed in your model it's
automatically stored in the database as well. Using
SQL Server or MSDE (Microsoft SQL Server Desktop
Engine), this database integration allows the
software to store the bulk of the data in the
database while providing external repository for
easy access and a safeguard in case an AutoCAD
drawing is lost or damaged. Another main advantage
of storing data in the database is that it's
available to all departments involved in the project
to query the database and generate reports.

Whether you use SQL Server of MSDE is entirely up to
you. While you get optimum performance from the SQL
Server database, the additional expense may not be
justifiable for a single software seat user. In
these installations, you may use MSDE, which is
included with the software.

For added functionality, many customers choose to
automate the generation of isometrics by adding
Alias' Personal ISOGEN or the cost-sensitive I-GEN.
If you'd like to be able to create walkthroughs of a
3D model or check for interference, then you can opt
for NavisWorks' Roamer, Clash Detective or
Publisher. All of these productivity software
packages can be purchased separately or as a bundle
from PROCAD to ensure you get all the comprehensive
functionality for your 3DSMART software.

Smart for Your Organization

* Improves profitability by reducing design
development time
*Reduces costly errors with built-in design
controls that ensure components comply with
project standards and specifications
* Minimizes training costs because the
user-friendly interface enables designers to
learn the program quickly
* Efficiently allows all of your departments to
work from a single database
* Provides full control over design access, project
data, personnel resources and project standards
with Project Manager
* Increases the reliability of your component data
with the Specification Manager
* Keeps your team working smoothly with PROCAD's
comprehensive Maintenance Plan. This plan
provides upgrades and technical support.

Smart for Design

* Lets you create and edit model designs quickly
and easily
* The user-friendly interface lets you focus on the
design, not the software
* Records design changes immediately in the central
database, allowing everyone access to the most
up-to-date design data

Download File Size:233.07 MB

ProCAD 3DSmart 2008
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