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Acustica Audio D361A Special Edition 1.3.609 €15 buy download


Despite the digital revolution in the pro audio industry, many of
today's top albums are still mixed with analog outboard gear.
Mixing with analog devices sounds better to many people. There is a
very elusive quality imparted that is missing in digital audio,
there is more weight to a mix, and the overall sound is more three
dimensional. Analog devices produce electrical artifacts that affect
frequency response, add harmonics, cause signal clipping and
increase noise. These artifacts, which audio engineers often
consider the character of a particular device, result from a
combination of factors such as component grade, technology type
(i.e. vacuum tubes, ICs, transistors), power supply specifications,
equipment casing and other variables.

Depending on the circuit characteristics, input signal frequency
response varies. Some circuits cut frequencies, others boost them.
This behavior is part of the overall device character and should not
be confused with user adjustable EQ.

Total harmonic distortion (THD) is based on the levels of the odd
and even harmonics of an input signal, usually at a level much lower
than the fundamental level. THD balance and decay are circuit
dependent, and thus differ from device to device.

CrossTalk and Noise are two elements which every designer tends to
avoid to not affect the audio quality. Since in the analog world
they can't be avoided, fortunately in digital domain with Volterra
Technology we have reduced the noise at less of -120dBfs and
completely avoided CrossTalk during the sampling.

The result is an optimum full quality sound from a like-new
working condition hardware.

We have recreated these non linearity characteristics into D361A
by sampling a unit in excellent condition (refurbished and modified
by AlexB - Alessandro Boschi). Your tracks will become more alive
with the classic vibe of a real hardware and you may notice that
your mixes may take on an almost magical quality with punch, glue,
and dimension that you didnt hear with your other algorithmically
based plugins.

Download File Size:513.15 MB

Acustica Audio D361A Special Edition 1.3.609
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