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Complex Analysis and Differential Equations PDF eBook €1 buy download

Luis Barreira, "Complex Analysis and Differential Equations"
2012 | pages: 424 | ISBN: 1447140079 | PDF | 3,3 mb

This text provides an accessible, self-contained and rigorous introduction to complex analysis and differential equations. Topics covered include holomorphic functions, Fourier series, ordinary and partial differential equations.

The text is divided into two parts: part one focuses on complex analysis and part two on differential equations. Each part can be read independently, so in essence this text offers two books in one. In the second part of the book, some emphasis is given to the application of complex analysis to differential equations. Half of the book consists of approximately 200 worked out problems, carefully prepared for each part of theory, plus 200 exercises of variable levels of difficulty.

Tailored to any course giving the first introduction to complex analysis or differential equations, this text assumes only a basic knowledge of linear algebra and differential and integral calculus. Moreover, the large number of examples, worked out problems and exercises makes this the ideal book for independent study.

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Complex Analysis and Differential Equations PDF eBook
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