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GhostTown 1.31 x64 €15 buy download


kilad.net has released GhostTown 1.31, is a script that procedurally generates cities and urban environments in only a few clicks, and features a number of options. Such as low or high poly buildings, road layouts, vehicles, trees, facades and an easy to use material and texture system.

GhostTown Changelog:
- Fixed GTPRoofTiles object (Rooftype 5 in Roof node) for 3ds Max 2016+
- GT: Added splash screen, so you know that GT is actually starting up…
- NodeEditor: New "Snap" menuitem, toggles node snapping (and editor background).
- NodeEditor: SetData node Y-value had wrong negative value, this must be manually updated in your project.
- NodeEditor: Fixed pipe bug when deleting spinners.
- NodeEditor: Prefab in/out now working, public properties inside prefabs and Prefab_Out nodes will now show up on the PrefabLoader.
- NodeEditor: Added "LibObj" property to the CustomMesh node, you can now reference a saved object from the GTLibrary.
- NodeEditor: Removed lag when moving nodes.
- NodeEditor: New rightclick menu.
- NodeEditor: New Selection submenu, with options to create containers or prefabs from selection and selecting the graph.
- NodeEditor: Point3 node values can now take all nodes as input.
- NodeEditor: Added new node: Probability
- NodeEditor: Added new node: Logical (and/or/xor)
- NodeEditor: Added new node: Random01, random values from 0.0 to 1.0
- NodeEditor: Added new node: String
- NodeEditor: Added new node: Clone, clones the input rectangles.
- NodeEditor: Containers: Add nodes to containers from container rightclick menu -> Add Selected.
- NodeEditor: Improved handling of pipes and nodes, you can now drag pipe and click to insert default input nodes (spinners etc)
- NodeEditor: Improved the AddNode text box (pipe or tilde key below escape). Can now insert NodeEditor nodes on selected pipe, or while dragging new pipe.
- NodeEditor: Added toolbar for basic nodes drag and drop, hold SPACE to show toolbar.
- NodeEditor: Nodeselections can be copied by holding SHIFT and dragging.
- NodeEditor: New PreviewObject button (top left), you can now pick scene geometry to use as preview building. Rightclick to set options.
- NodeEditor: Selection rectangle improved, you can add and remove from the node selection with CTRL and ALT key.
- NodeEditor: Select all nodes connected to the current node inputs by holding CTRL + SHIFT and select a node.
- NodeEditor: Select all nodes connected to selected node by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + A
- NodeEditor: Pipes can now be muted to see changes by pressing M or F3
- NodeEditor: New navigator/commandpanel with list of all project nodes, drag and drop library and preview.
- NodeEditor: Drag and drop library, saves nodeselections by dragging from the icon on top left of the nodeselection, to the "Nodes" tab. Drag into editor from list to quickly insert graphs.
- NodeEditor: Preview now draws green rectangles when hovering over node properties or sockets.
- NodeEditor: Preview bitmap was same size as facade, and used a lot of memory. Now better quality and clamped to 512*512 max size.
- NodeEditor: CustomMesh node now instances any children as well.
- GTConstruct: Subconstructs (FX and facade buttons) now updates output when changing properties.
- GTConstruct: Added "ChamfEdges" and "ChamfTiles" boolean properties to Pavement node for simpler geometry.

About GhostTown. A 3DS Max plugin that will procedurally generate cities within minutes. It is still in development so expect it to have bugs, but it still works well enough for me.

Product: GhostTown
Version: 1.31
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8.x / 10
Software Prerequisites: Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 and newer


Warning: GhostTown is not so stable. Be ready for the bugs, especially in 3ds Max 2016+

Download File Size:131.42 MB

GhostTown 1.31 x64
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