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EMCoS is pleased to announce the immediate availability of EMCoS Studio 2017, its core product that combines all major modules from both EMC Studio and EMCoS PCB VLab packages into one powerful platform to boost simulation efficiency.

EMCoS Studio 2017 Release Highlights:

- 3D PEEC solution for power electronics applications
- Extended Human Exposure Simulation Toolkit
- Stackup Editor for PCB data processing
- Filter Components Library
- Fast Direct Solver (FDS) for large-scale problems
- Fast near field calculation using ACA algorithm
- Support of multi-dielectrics with touching faces
- Radar Cross Section Calculation
- Improved PO solution
- New System Diagram and Schematic features
- Mixed S-parameters/circuit modeling for linear systems in FD
- Updated EMCoS SimDAT (Simulation Data Analysis Tool)

More info about release: https://www.emcos.com/?products=release-highlights

About EMCoS Studio. EMCoS Studio is a powerful program package for the sophisticated computer analysis of EMC-problems. EMCoS Studio was specially created to address engineers working with EMC-problems appearing in large systems like automobiles, aircrafts, ships or computer systems.
EMCoS Studio applies most efficient computational techniques such as Method of Moments (MoM), Method of Auxiliary Sources (MAS), Transmission Line Methods (MTL) and Network Analysis (SPICE/PSPICE/HSPICE/LTspice/ELDO/SIMetrix solvers) in the EMC Modules to calculate:
- Cross Talk
- Electromagnetic Interference
- Immunity against Electromagnetic Fields
- Typical laboratory configurations (Stripline, BCI …)
EMCoS Studio supports the full EMC process chain. It can help with early concept decisions, simulate the bench level testing of subsystems and calculate the behaviour of the complete system in later development stages.
For EMI-analysis, sophisticated antenna calculation features are implemented. This makes EMCoS Studio a powerful antenna calculation program. Antennas can be created, analyzed, using the multiple post processing features and optimized for best performance.
Ease of use is one of the most important features of EMCoS Studio. The program allows in a convenient and fast way to model a complicated EMC problem, solve it accurately and directly present the results. Its intuitively usable graphical interface and the powerful calculation capabilities make EMCoS Studio indispensable.

About EMCoS. EMCoS was founded as a spin-off of scientists of the Laboratory of Applied Electrodynamics of the Tbilisi State University of Georgia. The Laboratory of Applied Electrodynamics has more than 20 years of experience in the field of data visualization and simulation of electromagnetic problems. In the beginning the projects of the Laboratory of Applied Electrodynamics were mainly related to complex military systems. In the last 10 years the fields of interest were supplemented with many other projects. Main focus today is on simulation of automotive systems. Calculation of Signal Integrity in bus systems, field coupling, or radiation of complex cable harness systems, and complex antenna systems in automobiles are examples for EMCoS software applications.

Product: EMCoS Studio
Version: 2017.0.1 build 04.07.2017
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even and newer


Download File Size:698.79 MB

EMCoS Studio 2017 x64
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