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VGStudio MAX 1.2.1 €25 buy download

VGStudio MAX is the industry's leading voxel data
visualization and analysis system. It introduces new
concepts in handling largest voxel data sets e.g.
modern medical or industrial CT-scanners as well as
seismic data sets from the oil and gas exploring
industry or any other 3D imaging device. Truly
interactive rendering and real-time 3D image
processing of data sets up to several Gbyte in size is
possible with VGStudio MAX. The system's advanced
performance features allow users to work
interactively, regardless of their environment and
according to their particular needs.

Product Highlights

Render and manipulate 3D voxel data

Import a series of 2D slices to create a volume.

Support for many file formats: RAW, BMP, JPEG, TIF,
DICOM, and more.

Import volume data files

Create data volume renderings, maximum intensity
projections, X-ray, sum-along-ray images

View arbitrary slices of your data (axial, sagittal,

Render several volumes together

Apply clipplanes to volumes

Vary the opacity and color of slices or volumes

Perform a data walk-through

Save scene settings and data volumes as binary file

Store rendered images or slices.

Ultra fast volume rendering performance.

Ultra fast slicing (MPR) capabilities.

Advanced easy to use 3D and 2D segmentation tools.

3D image processing.

Process more than 1GB of data on a standard PC.

3 GB memory utilization under Windows XP Professional.

Process several GB with the new optimized release for
Intel's Itanium Processor.

Full multiprocessor (SMP) support.

Import nearly any data type from 8 bit grey value to
RGBA color data.

Powerful keyframer to generate fascinating animations.

Iso-surfaces extraction with STL export for Rapid
Prototyping and Reverse Engineering processes.

VGStudio MAX is available for:

Windows XP, 2000, NT 4.0 (IA 32, IA64 and AMD64)
Linux (IA 32 and IA64 and AMD64)
MAC OS X Panther

Enhancements in VGStudio MAX 1.2

Further reduced memory consumption.

Overall performance optimization.

New mesh optimization option.

Additional 2D display features.

Enhanced segmentation.

Calibrated measurement slice display mode.

2D data histogram analysis tool.

Minimum distance measurement tool.

Enhanced data import wizard.

User-specific application settings and presets.

Toshiba industrial CT data fileformat support.

FHG industrial CT data fileformat support.

Hitachi industrial CT data fileformat support.

JPEG2000 File I/O support.

Pointcloud export.

Enhanced keyframer.

Import/Export segmented section bit masks.

Enhanced porosity/defect analysis tool.

Enhanced wall thickness analysis tool.

New stereo viewing tool.

Rendering presets.

Draw/erase brush & color picker.

Export AVI files or image stacks in arbitrary slicing

Include your company logo in images.

Additional Bounding Box style.

Optional measurement add-on tool.

Auto rendered image size and option to disable

Download File Size:68.28 MB

VGStudio MAX 1.2.1
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