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Altair Flow Simulator 2024.0 €60 buy download
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Altair Flow Simulator 2024.0 | 596.0 mb
Altair has released Flow Simulator 2024.0 is the single, unified fluid system design tool/platform for GE Aviation’s Thermal System design, Combustion, Lube/fuel systems, and externals teams. It is rooted in decades of practical usage and experience, with aerospace-quality level validation and verification.

Altair Flow Simulator 2024 Release Notes

- Flow Network Grouping in the GUI
- Turbulator Friction and Heat Transfer in Tube Elements
- Rotating Surfaces in Tube Elements

For the full list of new and improved features, and fixed bugs please refer to the release notes located hereResolved Issues
- Added a limit for the heat flow from the thermal network convector to a flow chamber. The heat flow is limited by the heat capacity of the fluid. The flow chamber is not allowed to rise above the wall temperature for heating or fall below the wall temperature for cooling.
- Changed the standard tube element that allows it to converge for lower Mach numbers (<.000001).
- The vortex element automatic flow flag option uses improved logic to try the various flow calculation options. If a model has worse convergence in the 2024 release, try changing the vortex flow flag to the automatic option.
- GUI problems with the multi-edit of controller and FMU variables.
- GUI problem with built-in heat transfer coefficient units’ conversion.
- GUI problems with rotating and scaling images.
- Accumulators now get proper fluid when clicking Apply in the Material Manager.

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Flow Simulator is a 3D design tool that provides interdisciplinary modeling and optimization for fluid and thermal systems within a CAD-integrated environment. System-level design has become increasingly critical as organizations are tasked with simulating complex duty cycles. Fast software solutions like Flow Simulator are needed to model an entire system, including rapid iteration concept modeling and understanding of system simulation and system behavior in applications such as rotating machinery design, electromobility, wind turbines, heat exchangers, and virtually anything that encompasses thermal management. Flow Simulator was originally developed by GE Aviation to serve as a fast flow network simulator for aircraft engines – simulating how an entire flight cycle would behave in the real world, from runway and take off to flight and landing. Since its inception, it has been used to simplify modeling for a variety of complex thermal systems applications, including healthcare, locomotives, and renewable energy.

Altair Flow Simulator - Integrated Thermo-fluid System Design

Altair is a global technology company providing software and cloud solutions in the areas of simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence (AI). Altair enables organizations across broad industry segments to compete more effectively in a connected world while creating a more sustainable future.

Owner: Altair
Product Name: Flow Simulator
Version: 2024.0
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.altair.com
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 596.0 mb

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Download File Size:581.11 MB

Altair Flow Simulator 2024.0
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