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Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 1.6 VSTi RTAS AU MAC OSX €20 buy download


Cameleon 5000 is an additive synth, featuring resynthesis and sound
morphing, which excels at pads and evolving textures and comes with
a library of over 800 presets. At its heart is the morph square which
allows you to morph between four different instruments at once. You
can also use the morph timeline to create rythmic loops, evolving
soundscapes and pads. Uniquely, Cameleon comes with a range of preset
morph timelines, to make creating new sounds even easier.

Cameleon can import sampled sounds (WAV/AIFF) into any of the four
voice slots, or you can choose from the extensive range of built
in voices. Cameleon has many unique features: it breaks sounds down
into both a harmonic and noise component resulting in much higher
quality, and greater flexibility. No other additive synth is able
to perform multi-sampling resynthesis, which results in much more
realistic and expressive sounds.

Cameleon also allows you to import image (BMP) files and turn them
into sounds. This offers an extremely powerful way to design never
heard before sounds, and if you're ever stuck for inspiration, just
try loading up any picture - perhaps a picture of your mum!

Once you have imported a sound, you can then edit it in ways which are
impossible with a conventional sampler. You have individual control
over each of the harmonics - so you can for example boost all the odd
harmonics, or even draw your own harmonic spectra.

Every part of Cameleons interface has been designed with ease of use
in mind, and the 'easy' page is just one example. The easy page has
simple but powerful controls to quickly shape the sound, including
the ability to change the balance of harmonics and noise, add LFOs,
or edit the amplitude envelope. You can also use the unique 'stretch'
parameter to time stretch sounds in real time without the loss in
quality associated with other instruments.

Cameleon has a comprehensive set of effects, including a sweepable
formant filter, distortion, compression, chorus, delay and reverb.
Cameleon is supplied with over 800 presets, all arranged into
categories, such as pads, leads and basses. If you're after instant
inspiration, just select the type of sound you require (eg. rythmics)
and hit the random button to get an entirely new random rythmic loop,
which has never been heard before. Cameleon also comes with a really
well written manual including tutorials and tips on getting the best
out of it.

Feature highlights

* 800+ presets arranged in categories - pads, ambiences, leads, basses
and more

* import and morph WAV/AIFF files

* import/export BMP images

* multi-sampling resynthesis for more realistic and expressive

* one-click 'morphing square', to morph between four sounds at a time

* separate control of amplitude envelope, harmonics and noise

* morph timeline with presets, for fast creation of evolving patches

* high quality 'stretch' for increased expression

* complete control over each harmonic

* 128 band noise generator, 64 detunable partials

* sweepable formant filter, distortion, compression, chorus, delay,

Selected new features in v1.6

* improved noise generator for brighter, crisper sounds

* key tracking for noise generator and filter

* improved reverb

* 200 extra presets included (over 800, 1000+ extra from website)

* improved editing (log scaling, new harmonic/noise profiles, ...)

System requirements

Mac G4 733 Mhz, 128 MB RAM, Mac OS 9/X, VSTi/Audio Units/RTAS host

Download File Size:71.38 MB

Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 1.6 VSTi RTAS AU MAC OSX
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