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IQ Testing Collection PDF eBooks €1 buy download
More IQ Testing: 250 New Ways to Release Your IQ Potential
by Philip Carter, Ken Russell

IQ Tests are the standard tests designed to measure your intelligence.
The questions in this book are designed to test your powers of logic,
observation and problem-solving. You will need to think laterally and
creatively to correctly answer all the puzzles.

This new book is divided into two main sections. The first section has
six tests, each with a time limit of 60 minutes. The second section
has seven tests, with a time limit of 80 minutes for each. Answers are
given at the back of the book.

Use this and other books in The IQ Workout Series as a fun and
informative way of testing, assessing, and expanding your brainpower!
These books are suitable for anyone from 18 to 80 who wants to put
themself to the test. Ken Russell and Philip Carter have written over
100 books on all aspects of testing, puzzles and crosswords.

Test Your IQ: 400 New Tests to Boost Your Brainpower! by Ken Russell

As IQ tests become an increasingly common part of the job application
process for the Civil Service, the armed forces, education, industry and
commerce, Test Your IQ is a book targeted at anyone keen to move up the
career ladder, as well as hobbyist 'puzzlers'. It contains brand-new,
previously unpublished material that combines verbal, IQ and pictorial
tests and which, if used regularly, will increase every reader's IQ
rating by the few points that could prove decisive

1000 New Ways to Assess Your Personality, Creativity, Intelligence and
Lateral Thinking by Philip Carter, Ken Russell

More Psychometric Testing is the follow-up book to the best-selling
Psychometric Testing, with a set of totally new tests. What better way
to measure your mental powers and personality traits than to take
a series of self-tests, designed to give you fast and accurate results?
These tests will show you what your strengths and weaknesses really are!

This book includes a series of 40 personality tests, each with a minimum
of 20 to 25 questions. The psychometric tests cover such subjects as
coping with pressure, creativity, assertiveness and obsessions.
The intelligence tests use word and number puzzles, maths and diagrams to
test your spatial, verbal and numerical and logical ability to the limit.
There are 1,000 new questions in all. Scores and answers to all the tests
are included, giving you instant feedback on your performance.

Use this and other books in The IQ Workout Series as a fun and informative
way of testing, assessing, and expanding your brainpower! These books are
suitable for anyone from 18 to 80 who wants to put themselves to the test,
and are also perfect for interview preparation. Ken Russell and Philip
Carter have written over 100 books on all aspects of testing, puzzles and

You Say More Than You Think:
A 7-Day Plan for Using the New Body Language to Get What You Want
by Janine Driver

Now You.re Talking!
Do you want to be bulletproof at work, secure in your relationship, and
content in your own skin? If so, it.s more important than ever to be aware
of what your body is saying to the outside world. Unfortunately, most of
what you.ve heard from other body language experts is wrong, and, as
a result, your actions may be hurting, not helping, you.

Learning & Memory: the Brain in Action by Marilee Sprenzer

Offers simple strategies to help students improve their memory and make
their learning permanent.

The Principles of Magic by Richard Osterlind

Why can two performers do the same piece of material yet one consistently
gets much more enthusiastic audience responses? Is it possible that some
of magics most sacred axioms such as never repeat a trick and never tell
an audience what youre going to do may ultimately be responsible for the
huge amount of mediocre magic that abounds? What is magics biggest lie?
These are just a few of the topics that Richard Osterlind tackles in what
may be his most passionate argument yet for a return to the fundamental
principles that once made conjuring one of the most respected of the
performing arts. Over the years these principles have become
misinterpreted, misunderstood or largely ignored resulting in magics
unfortunate and undeserving loss of its rightful place in the publics
estimation. The Principles of Magic is Richard Osterlinds warning flag
that as performers we have to change many of our approaches and attitudes
before its too late and magic vanishes forever. As a bonus Richard offers
Inside The Fold one of the strongest openers possible for a magic or
mentalism program. It's a surefire way to gain the respect and attention
of any audience immediately. More than just a reasoned appeal to mystery
performers everywhere to once again lift magic to its highest artistic
potential. The Principles of Magic is about rediscovering what it was
about magic that you first lovedand perhaps relearning how to share its
original wonder with others.

Download File Size:29.79 MB

IQ Testing Collection PDF eBooks
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