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Modeling The Masters - Various NLP Practitioners Audiobooks Mp3 64 kbps (10 cds) €10 buy download
We brought together the greatest line up of NLP Master Trainers to ever
have come together on one NLP product. We quizzed them on some of the most
fundemtal aspects of mastering NLP. Our list of Master Trainers include

Dr. Richard Bandler . Genius and Co-founder of NLP

John La Valle . Persuasion Engineer Extraordinaire

Michael Breen . Founder of the NLP Business Practitioner Michael Neill .
Success Coach to Celebrities

Dr. Joseph Riggio . Architect of the Mythoself Process

And 5 More Expert NLP Master Trainers
They shared with us hours and hours worth of top insights on many
fundemental aspects of NLP.

Our master trainers are an untapped resource of mega-valuable information.
They know .what works. and have provided easy-to-implement ideas for you
right here in these interviews. A virtual bonanza of information to help
anyone listening to finally .crack the code. and increase your NLP
knowledge by leaps and bounds. This is your opportunity to gain access
through the back door to the minds of the most successful NLP trainers
in the world today. Check it out . not only did the expert trainers tell
us how to get good at NLP. We also asked these trainers to finally spill
the beans on what it takes to make money in NLP. Their confidential,
cutting edge strategies are now available to you. Implement just one of
these strategies and it could make a whole world of difference to your
NLP. All you have to do is listen to these interviews and golden nuggets
of useful information will literally jump out at you!

Download File Size:328.63 MB

Modeling The Masters - Various NLP Practitioners Audiobooks Mp3 64 kbps (10 cds)
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