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XILS-lab LX122 Premium 1.0.0 for Mac €15 buy download

LX122 and LX122 Premium are rotary speaker emulation plug-ins, both
featuring XILS-lab's proprietary True Stereo Dynamic Engine (TSDE),
offering a whole new way to record rotary speaker effects.

As such, LX122 and LX122 Premium are the perfect partner for present-day
organists and keyboardists everywhere - or, indeed, anyone seeking that
still-sought-after sound.

Remaining in the computer-centric 21st Century, XILS-lab recognise that the
true sound of a rotating speaker rests principally in how it reacts to the
room in which it resides; to that end, the TSDE algorithm adeptly evokes
this physical phenomenon. Moreover, the angle of the two 'recording'
microphones can be tweaked within LX122 and LX122 Premium to allow varying
amounts of room effects into the resultant mix, while internal cabinet
reflections are also emulated to faithfully capture that much-loved
mellowing side effect. It is even possible to increase or decrease speaker
positioning from far away to directly within the cabinet itself -
impossible with real rotary speakers, of course!

As implied by name, LX122 Premium is fundamentally the same as its LX122
software sibling, yet offers much more sonic scope to the discerning user,
including control over microphone movement, room choice, room size, cabinet
speed, horn diameter, diffuser removal, speaker configuration, ribbon age,
horn and drum balance, rotation direction, and more besides.

Digging deeper, its additional Studio Panel allows users to position the
microphones anywhere within five different room models, for example, while
different cabinet configurations can be chosen within the Cabinet Panel, as
well as randomly rotating the horn and drum. Don't be afraid to experiment;
LX122 Premium is even better than the real thing, capable of rotary speaker
effects hitherto unheard of in the real world!

LX122 features 14 factory presets to get users started, while LX122 Premium
boosts that magic number to 75 by way of ably demonstrating its increased
sonic scope.

Download File Size:33.29 MB

XILS-lab LX122 Premium 1.0.0 for Mac
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