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Tony Shepperd

Mega producer Tony Shepperd has worked with superstars like Whitney Houston, Madonna, Quincy Jones, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Kenny Loggins, Boyz II Men and many, many more. Sit in on a real-world session where Tony tracks vocals and then mixes a modern R&B song to perfection.
Shown in HD video, Tony Shepperd begins by recording the talented singer Shelea Frazier, producing both her lead and background vocals, and then roadmaps how he will proceed to finish her R&B masterpiece production. Tony then focuses on the drum tracks, utilizing EQ and compression, mixing them so they're fat and punchy. The bass is up next, and Tony explains how to tame it and fit it just right into the mix.
Mixing the vocals are next on Tony's list and he demonstrates how to blend them with EQ, compression and reverb so they have that professional polished vibe. Acoustic guitars and keyboards are then explored and Tony explains how to give them that wide stereo sound. The background vocals are then examined and Tony shows how to better fit them and the lead into the mix utilizing automation and more. The strings are then worked on, and Tony demonstrates how to make them larger than life, and finishes the whole mix.
Just when you thought it was over, Tony interviews all the different musicians who played on the track including Alex Teamer (Drum Programming), Reggie Hamilton (Bass), Randy Emata (Keyboards), Michael Nielsen (Guitar) and Raul Ferrando (String Arrangement). All the players share their techniques, theories and insights when working on the track featured in this series.
Regardless of what genre you're working on, the knowledge passed on by studio great Tony Shepperd deserves to be heard. You will take things from it and use them on your productions guaranteed... Watch "R&B Master Series II" today.

Tracking and Mixing
00 Intro
01 Artist Introductiction And Hardware Setup
02 Tracking Background Vocals
03 Vocal Outro Harmonies And Lead Vocals
04 Vox Wrap Up
05 Soundchain and Drums Pt. 1
06 The Drums Pt. 2
07 The Drums Pt. 3
08 Tympani and Bass Guitar
09 The Lead Vocal
10 Lead Vocal Pt. 2 and Acuustic Guitar
11 Acoustic Guitars Pt. 2, Keyboards and Pads
12 The Background Vocals
13 Vocal Automation
14 Strings and Summary
15 Alex Teamer - Drum Programming
16 Reggie Hamilton - Bass
17 Randy Emata - Keyboards
18 Michael Nielson - Acoustic Guitar
19 Raul Ferrando - String Orchestration
20 Credits


Download File Size:878.98 MB

Groove3 RandB Master Series 2
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